Activity in Israel

The ho yum tea brand was established with the goal of introducing the Israeli audience to the ancient culture of hosting Chinese tea. The dual encounter between cultures requires from us an in-depth acquaintance and presence at both ends of Asia. After years of tea sourcing trips in East Asia and building an exclusive trade route for our products, in the spring of 2019 we established for the first time in Israel a traditional Chinese tea room.


Our tea room is located at our home in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv, and serves as a Chinese-style art and culinary space for our activities. Our tea room is active throughout the year and hosts authentic Chinese meals made by us, tea ceremonies and workshops - all which are based on the principles of Chinese medicine and philosophies.

חדר תה

'Tea Room' is the accepted way for trading tea in China, on the basis of traditional hospitality where guests gather around a pouring table for an experience of drinking and talking with the host. Our tea room in Florentin operates according to the same principles, and allows everyone to be hosted by us for a tea tasting ceremony at no cost or obligation

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Cantonese Dinner

An authentic south-Chinese dinner based on fish and seafood. The food which Pink grew up on in Hong Kong, with recipes from home and rare ingredients that we carry with us from China to Israel. The meal is mainly vegetarian, with no meat dishes except for few dishes based on seafood

אוכל סיני

🌶 Hotpot

A celebration for spicy lovers, a social event where everyone eats together around one table. The concept is simple - a variety of fresh ingredients are cooked in real time in one shared pot, with each guest putting together his own bowl of sauces. Apart from the traditional version we also offer a 100% vegan meal 🌱

Our extensive activities also go beyond the boundaries of the tea room and we take part in major events for Chinese culture and art throughout the country. The winter of 2019-2020 was dedicated to an exhibition called "Four Springs" concerning the seasonal cycle of tea production in China. The exhibition, which combines documentary photographs by Nadi, along with original Chinese calligraphy works by the Chinese artist April Yuan, travels with us between contemporary art events in Tel Aviv.

ארבעה אביבים
טקס תה
שולחן תה
אירוח תה
תערוכת תה
חדר תה פלורנטין
תה סיני פלורנטין
טקס תה סיני מסורתי
חדר תה סיני
נדב בירן
אירוח סיני
פינק לוק
תה סיני אמיתי

The road to assimilating the wonderful virtues of Chinese tea into our daily lives is still long. One of the goals we have set for ourselves is to bring our tea products and the philosophy behind them to their natural places. Our journey partners who have adopted the healthy and balanced lifestyle we offer, are an arm of distribution and connection between people and tea.

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Our Activity in Summer-Autumn 2021 (updated: 14.09.21)


After nearly two years in which we were prevented from visiting tea plantations in China, in the shadow of the COVID-19 crisis, two years in which we focused mainly on hosting and serving Chinese tea and culinary events in our beloved tea room in Florentin, we decided to embark on a longer and more complex export campaign. From mid-August until December 2021, the Florentine Tea Room will go on a long break, and will return to activity in January 2022, in an upgraded format with seasonal and up-to-date tea and a new hosting space.

Traditional tea tasting hosting will continue to operate in Tel Aviv even in our absence in a limited format. For more details and booking arrival to tea ceremony at no cost, you are welcome to contact us by email, WhatsApp or social networks. The activity on our website, as well as our order and delivery system will continue to be available as usual, in Israel and worldwide. We invite you to sign up for our newsletter and follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook, for updates, promotions and events that will take place throughout that period online.