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Activity in Israel

ho yum tea was founded with the goal of introducing the ancient Chinese tea culture to the Israeli audience, and to unite a growing local community of tea lovers who are not willing to compromise on their cup of tea. We held the first tea ceremonies at our home in Tel Aviv, out of the desire to share with others the authentic tea we bring to Israel from our seasonal tea sourcing trips, thus in spring 2019 Florentine Tea Room was born, our small tea house in Tel Aviv, the first space in Israel designed for traditional serving of tea, just like in China.

בית תה

The accepted way to trade tea in China, based on traditional hospitality where guests gather around a pouring table for a multi sensational experience of drinking tea and talking with the host. Our tea room in Florentin is following those principles, allowing everyone to join and taste properly from our exclusive tea collection.

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Our Tea House in Tel Aviv


After nearly two years of refraining from visiting the tea fields in China in the shadow of the global Covid crisis, a time when we focused mainly on hosting tea ceremonies and workshops in our tea room, in the summer of 2021 we returned to sourcing tea in Asia. We expanded our research to new destinations in China and abroad, including very rare teas from Georgia and India, who starred in our Blind Tasting Tea Club . Doing so, we have in fact returned to the original pattern of movement between two sides of Asia, between seasonal field work in the tea sources, and hosting ceremonies in Israel intermittently.

In December 2021 we reopened the Florentine Tea Room and launched a new space in the neighborhood, where we host tastings and workshops during wintertime, before our next sourcing trip in February 2022. This is a great opportunity for those who have not yet visited us and attended a traditional tea ceremony, to experience tea to its fullest.


To reservations you can contact us and be updated on our Facebook page and Instagram on a regular basis. The activity on our website, including orders and deliveries, continues to be available all year long in Israel and around the world, even when we're away. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter and follow us on social media for frequent updates, promotions and events throughout the year.

חדר תה
טקס תה
tea ceremony
tea house tel aviv
tea house
חדר תה פלורנטין
tea room tel aviv
tea ceremony Israel
tea room israel
tea room
chinese tea house
tea house tlv
tea house in israel

Not Just a Tea House


Our extensive activities also go beyond the boundaries of our tea room and we take part in culinary, cultural and content events across the country. In the winter of 2020, we curated a dual exhibition named "Four Springs" concerning the seasonal cycle of tea production in various growing areas of China. The exhibition, which combines documentary photographs by Nadi, alongside original Chinese calligraphy works by Chinese artist April Yuan, has traveled with us between contemporary art events in Tel Aviv throughout the year.

The road to assimilate the wonderful virtues of Chinese tea into the life of our society is still long. One of the goals we have set for ourselves is to serve our tea and the philosophy behind it in its natural places. Our natural partners who have widely embraced the balanced and conscious lifestyle we offer, are an arm of distribution with the most ideal connection between people and tea.


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