A compressed white tea cake from soft, high-quality tea leaves harvested during the spring season.

A young tea that has started to reach maturity, with delicate grassy notes and sweet & sour finish. Clear and transparent drink with an increasing yellowish tint within every infusion.

An everyday tea suitable for drinking at all hours of the day, all seasons.


Young and promising product that will improve (see storage instructions) and increase its value within every season. One of the most popular and prestigious types of tea in China.

Tea needle as a gift with every tea cake purchase.

Bai Mu Dan 2018 - White Tea Cake

SKU: 140120221
  • Source

    Fuding, Fujian Province, China

  • Content

    Ingredients: Compressed Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

    Net weight: 300g

  • Instructions

    Use a "tea needle" to carve 5g tea leaves


    Infuse for 7-14 sec in a traditional pot or press pot (120-200 ml) 7-10 times


    Infuse for 2 min in a large pot (500-750 ml) 2-3 times


    Each serving is suitable for infusions of up to 1.5L in total

  • Year

    1st Spring 2018

  • Original Name

    白牡丹白茶 2018

  • Storage

    Long shelf life. It is recommended to age the tea properly in its original packaging, in a shady and dry place with neutral odor. Avoid storage next to spices, perfumes and other types of tea

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