Over 100 years old tea tree leaves (gu shu 古樹) grow at an altitude of 1900m. The tea is processed in a traditional method and hand-rolled into dragon ball shape.


A young and delicate tea, with complexity and unique profile fitting the area of western Yunnan, on the border with Myanmar. A clear and light drink with delicate bitterness and rare saltiness.


Recommended for drinking in the first part of the day, from spring to autumn.


Young and promising tea that will be improved (see storage instructions), but due to its rare qualities it can also be enjoyed in its youth.

Liang Gou Shui Gu Shu 2019 - Raw Pu'er Dragon Balls

SKU: 131120230
  • Source

    Liang Gou Shui, Yongde, Yunnan Province of China

  • Content

    30 dragon balls (portions) of about 5g each

    Ingredients: Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

    Net weight: 150g

  • Instructions

    Use one ball (portion) and hot water of at least 95°C


    Infuse for 5-10 seconds in a traditional infusion pot or press pot (120-200 ml) for 7-10 times


    Infuse for 1.5-2 min in a large pot (500-750 ml) for 2-3 times


    Each portion suits infusion of up to 1.5L of tea in total

  • Year

    Harvest: April 2019

    Packing: November 2019

  • Original Name

    兩溝水古樹生茶 2019

  • Storage

    Long shelf life, the aged the better. Suitable for aging by storing in its original package, in a shady and dry place with neutral odor. Avoid storage alongside spices, perfumes and other types of tea

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