Large buds and 2nd young leaves, picked from mature trees in the first spring of 2019, dried naturally. Powerful and peppery but delicate tea with a long sweet aftertaste. A clear and distinctive drink characterized by a perfect balance between yin and yang.


Daily tea suitable for drinking at all hours of the day, all seasons. Also suitable for a mild cold brew Ice-tea. Our best-selling tea of 2019.

Moonlight White - White Tea

SKU: MWT20-55
  • מקור

    מונג קו, לינצאנג, מחוז יונאן, סין

  • תכולה

    עלי תה בתפזורת

    רכיבים: עלי תה (קמליה סינית)

    משקל נקי: 55 גרם

  • Instructions

    Use a portion of 5g tea leaves and hot / boiling water at 90-100°C

    Infuse for 6-12 sec in a traditional pot or press pot (120-200 ml) 7-10 times.


    Infuse for 2 min in a large pot (500-750 ml) 2-3 times

    Each portion is suitable for infusions of up to 1.5L in total

  • שנה

    קטיף: מרץ 2020

    אריזה: ינואר 2021

  • שם לועזי

    勐庫月光白老樹白茶 Mengku Moonlight White Lao Shu White Tea

  • Storage

    Long shelf life. It is recommended to age the tea by proper storage in its original packaging, in a shady and dry place with a neutral smell. Avoid storage next to spices, perfumes and other types of tea.

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