Semi-baked and partly oxidised autumn wulong from Anxi district. Fruity and spicy flavours and unique hybrid character, between light and dark. Clear and lightly red liquid.


Package contains individual portions packed in vacuum to maintain the freshness and perfection of the leaves. Store in freezer / refrigerator.


Suitable for drinking at all hours of the day, all seasons. An extraordinary ice tea can be made easily using cold brew.

Nong Xiang Tie Guan Yin - Light Wulong Tea

  • Source

    Anxi, Fujian Province of China

  • תכולה

    12 שקיות ואקום (מנות) של 7.5 גרם כל אחת

    רכיבים: עלי תה (קמליה סינית)

    משקל נקי: 90 גרם

  • Instructions

    Use the contents of one bag and 100°C boiling water


    Infuse for 6-12 seconds in a traditional pot or press pot (120-200 ml) for 7-10 times


    Infuse for 1.5-2 minutes in a large pot (500-750 ml) for 2-3 times


    Each portion suits to infuse up to 1.5 L of tea in total

  • שנה

    קטיף: אוקטובר 2020

    אריזה: ינואר 2021

  • Original Name


  • אחסון

    תוקף: 24 חודשים / ינואר 2023

    יש לאחסן בהקפאה באריזה המקורית

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