Smoked red tea (Chinese black tea) which has been aged for 10 years. Traditionally plucked from round tea bushes and repeatedly smoked over pine wood, a method more than 300 years old. With a delicate smoky aroma and deep sweet fruit flavors, it's a rare premium version of one of the world's favorite teas.


Tea with a very unique profile, suitable for drinking at all hours of the day, all seasons.


This type of tea also known as Lapsang Souchong, a nonsense nickname given mistakenly.

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong 2009 - Aged Red Tea

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  • Source

    Tong Mu Guan, Wuyi, Fujian Province of China

  • Content

    Ingredients: Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

    Net Weight: 120g

  • Instructions

    Use a portion of 5g tea leaves and boiling water at 100°C


    Infuse for 6-12 sec in a traditional infusion pot or press pot (120-200 ml) for 7-10 times


    Infuse for 1.5-2 minutes in a large pot (500-750 ml) for 2-3 times


    Each portion suits infusion of up to 1.5L of tea in total

  • Year

    Harvest: Spring 2009

    Packing: November 2019

  • Original Name

    正山小種紅茶 (Lapsang Souchong)

  • Storage

    Long shelf life. Keep in the original package, in a shady and dry place with neutral odor. Avoid storing alongside spices, perfumes and other types of tea

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