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קטיף תה פואר

Our Story

In China, the place where the Camellia Sinensis plant (the tea tree) was first discovered, it is known for thousands of years that tea is much more than just a  drink - tea is a tradition, a ceremony, a way of life. The Cantonese people in southern China were the first tea consumers to gather different types of teas from different sources across China, in favor of their well-known breakfast dim sum.

Following them, we at ho yum tea, aim to bring the traditional Chinese tea experience to the fullest, offering a variety, yet accurate, fine collection of local teas originated all over China. We carefully choose our own tea selection each season, without compromising on quality, while focusing on natural environments and traditional production methods, without additives or blends.

In order to explain our close connection to Chinese tea, and how we got to dive and get to know the ancient tea culture in China from within, we must start with our own love story. We met in Hong Kong in 2015, Nadi - an Israeli documentary photographer, and Pink - a local marketing professional, in one of Nadi's documentary projects in East Asia.

As passionate tea lovers, what began as simple journeys to China’s tea provinces, in search of quality tea to bring home, ended up fulfilling a shared dream of engaging in what we both love most, sharing with others our Chinese tea experience. Ever since we have been living between Israel and China, between the original sources of tea and the new market we are developing, as we are intensifying our research of the Chinese tea culture and distribute it in Israel.

Step by step, we learned first-hand how to classify and appreciate true Chinese tea in its many varieties, while enhancing our tea-pouring capabilities by hosting the traditional Gong Fu Cha ceremony, and formulating for ourselves our unique taste and exclusive product lineup.

We invite you all to take part in our journey and visit our tea studio in Tel Aviv to experience a traditional tea ceremony totally for free, and join our events & activities around Israel.

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