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We offer a seasonal and up-to-date variety of Chinese original tea types, originating from all over Asia in their natural form, without additives or blends. Our tea leaves are grown using traditional methods in a sustainable organic environment and are sourced exclusively from their original homeland. We personally source and select our tea leaves with great care on sourcing trips to China's tea provinces, Taiwan, India, Thailand, and other tea regions we visit on a regular basis. Our tea collection is updated and refreshed every season, an outcome of in-depth gastronomic research, in combination with meticulous fieldwork in search of fascinating tea developments and unique types of tea, whose stories we reveal for the first time, first hand.

Through an exclusive trade route we have created, we bring limited editions of boutique tea, hand crafted by local tea makers, which initially intended for domestic trade only, without adaptations to the western market. In our tea journeys, we value sustainability and a true fair trade with our experienced tea growers and suppliers, who serve as our mentors. They have taught us cultivation methods and a balanced philosophical approach that emphasizes wise and healthy consumption from the perspective of Chinese medicine."

Our tea undergoes comprehensive tests at the Eurofins private lab in Taiwan in order to verify the absence of harmful substances, such as prohibited pesticide residues, heavy metals and toxins above the permitted standard. Over 95% of our tea collection is completely pesticide-free (uncertified organic tea). Our products are exported from China in accordance with the food safety regulations of the the European Union, and under the strictest shipping and storage conditions in the world, which maintain the freshness and validity of the leaves, and also ensure proper aging of many types of tea that we age ourselves under dedicated storage conditions.