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organic buckwheat tea

Herbal Tea

For a moment we forgot that the Camellia Sinensis plant is indeed the most popular medicinal plant in China, but definitely not the only one. Out of thousands of Chinese herbs still in use by Chinese medicine today, only few have made their way from the clinic to the household. Many of these plants carry with them unique flavors and rich nutritional values, and today they are used as a source of healthy food and beverages within reach, balanced lifestyle and preventative medicine.

Buckwheat Tea

Our Buckwheat tea (also known by its Japanese name, Soba tea) is the pioneer of our natural herbal infusion series and has been our best seller every year since 2019. This entirely natural infusion is crafted from 100% naturally grown buckwheat seeds without using pesticides (uncertified organic). The tea grows in the southern region of Sichuan alongside green tea plantations. Although it comes from the same plant used for cooking, it's not the same raw material. Our buckwheat seeds are of the Tartary variety, harvested once a year in the summer months by the local ethnic group known as "Yi Zu" 彝族 and are intended from day one to become an herbal infusion. Leveraging advanced technology and natural processing methods, the seeds reach a specialized finish for hot or cold brewing, maintaining a rich and balanced flavor spectrum while preserving the plant's healthful and nutritious properties. Our buckwheat seed tea is rich in dietary fibers and protein, is caffeine-free and gluten-free.

Growing Areas
roasted buckwheat tea

Da Liang Shan


Our Herbal Tea

The new series of beverages that are not "tea" extracted from the leaves of the Chinese camellia plant, but based on natural Chinese herbs with both nutritional and cultural values. We treat our herbal teas with the same seriousness that we treat our tea leaves. We test and research our sources for a long period of time before we decide to turn them into new products. We visit the growing and production areas by ourselves and send the raw material to lab tests in order to perform an extended quality control first hand, above organic standards, and make sure our herbal tea we sell is pure, top grade and has been grown in a sustainable environment.

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