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Our Tea House in Tel Aviv

Our first tea ceremonies were hosted back in 2018 in our home in Florentin, Tel-Aviv, out of a desire to share the unique tea that we source and export from Hong Kong in our seasonal sourcing trips to East Asia. The goal was to introduce the Israeli audience to the traditional Chinese tea culture and build a vibrant local community of tea enthusiasts who are unwilling to compromise on their cup of tea.

Tea Studio in Levinsky Market

After several pop-ups in Tel Aviv and collaborations across the country, in January 2023, we opened our studio in Levinsky Market for the first time, a quiet and hidden tea house, isolated from the market's bustle. The studio is our permanent hosting space, active throughout the year, and entirely dedicated to the art of Gong Fu Cha, the skill set required for steeping and hosting the Chinese tea ceremony. The studio space has been designed with attention to the smallest details, and includes authentic furniture and equipment, the highest level of water filtration, professional tea literature, and handmade ceremonial teaware.

The dynamic essence of the studio offers a constantly evolving, seasonal event schedule. During weekdays, the studio functions as a self-hosting tea house (by advance booking), and in the evenings, it serves as a workshop center for lectures, tea tastings, and private events. Following the tradition that began at our home in Florentin, we open our studio every Friday to the public, without the need of advanced booking, and free of charge.

For more details on the studio's English events
please contact us via socials or WhatsApp: 051-5104433

Not Just a Tea House

Our initiative in researching tea cultures in East Asia extends beyond the studio and includes collaborations with cultural and academic institutions, as well as culinary figures and leading chefs in Israel. Furthermore, we are involved in a wide array of international cultural events, gastronomic projects, and content that we create for tea enthusiast communities at all levels in Israel and worldwide, the most famous of which is the blind tasting club, bringing together advanced tea enthusiasts from 10 countries to taste with us, our latest discoveries and developments the tea industry.

The journey to embed the wonderful virtues of Chinese tea into our society is still long, but one of our missions is to serve and make our tea and the philosophy behind it accessible in its natural places. Our partners in this journey come from various fields, having embraced the balanced and conscious lifestyle we advocate, forming a distribution arm that weaves the right connection between people and tea.

The variety of our events in the studio and beyond, allows a complete multi-sensory experience for anyone with tea flowing in their veins, who is interested in exploring and deepening their knowledge in the field. We invite you to take part in our tea journey, to experience and taste original tea in a manner true and faithful to its origin. Stay updated with our opening hours and event schedule daily on Instagram, our the quiet WhatsApp group in Hebrew or Telegram in Russian, both updates weekly. You can also subscribe to our newsletter that consolidates all our offers once a month. Except for Fridays, all studio events are by appointment. For private event booking or studio event registration, please contact us.

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