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tea pot
כלים לחליטה
קנקן תה

We specialize in high-end teaware and quality accessories that tell the story of the Chinese tea heritage, from contemporary practice to ceremonial hospitality, from modern everyday use to traditional handcrafted artistic pieces. We exclusively sell professional teaware that we use ourselves, serving our dedicated work of hosting and serving tea at our studio. Curating our teaware collection, we are not influenced by supply & demand, ensuring proper and responsible tea preparation, as tea should be.

During our sourcing journeys in China and Taiwan, we establish connections and collaborations with ceramic artists and unique clay artisans who uphold exceptionally high standards of aesthetics and functionality in the teaware they create. Our selection of ceremonial tools is entirely dedicated to providing a platform for these talented artists whose works we carefully choose, presenting their craftsmanship to our valued customers. These unique teaware pieces are handcrafted, with each being one-of-a-kind with only 1 item in stock. We invite you to get in touch for inquiry or visit our studio in Tel-Aviv to check them out.


Modern Teaware