Unique combination of young ancient tree leaves (gu shu 古樹) and matured tree leaves (lao shu 老樹), which undergo natural sun drying and hand rolled into a dragon ball shape.


This rare combination gives the tea rare balance and richness at young age. Advanced and fine tea with a high percentage of theine, thick texture and notes of fresh citrus and dried fruit. Slightly cloudy orange liquor.


Our flagship product for 2019 in the Raw Pu'er category. A custom made blend made by order exclusively for ho yum tea.


Recommended for drinking in the first part of the day, from spring to autumn.

Yunnan 2016 - Raw Pu'er Dragon Balls

SKU: 0001
  • Source

    Zhong He, Fengqing, Yunnan Province of China

  • Content

    8 dragon balls (portions) of about 8g each

    Ingredients: Compressed Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

    Net weight: 65g

  • Instructions

    Use one ball (portion) and boiling water 100°C


    Infuse for 4-8 seconds in a traditional infusion pot or press pot (120-200 ml) for 7-10 times


    Infuse for 1-1.5 min in a large pot (500-750 ml) for 2-3 times


    Each portion suits infusion of up to 1.5L of tea in total

  • Year

    Harvest: Spring 2016, Spring 2018

    Packing: January 2019

  • Original Name

    雲南龍珠生普 2016

  • Storage

    Long shelf life, the aged the better. Suitable for aging by storing in its original package, in a shady and dry place with neutral odor. Avoid storage alongside spices, perfumes and other types of tea

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